I have classified apps according to skill types. Click on the hyperlinks in the table below to jump directly to the page with apps to support that skill.To assist you with your selection, particularly when there is a choice of apps that appear to be similar, I have attempted to oganise the apps according to a number of categories. Please note that that rankings such as usefulness and ease of use are subjective. If you do not agree with what I have written please let me know! Most of the apps I've selected can be used in a range of learning areas but they are all relevant to second language learning. If you are using any good apps not listed on these pages please email me the details and I'll add them. This particularly applies to language specific apps.



White Boards/Presentations

Book makers

Voice recorders

Story makers (writing)

Voice + text/image

Cartoon/comic makers

Story makers (narration)

Photo + Text

Voice + interactive image

Other writing apps

Animated puppet shows


Movie makers

Flashcard makers


Vocabulary games

Turn Taking/Rehearsal

Other vocabulary apps




Learner Management Systems


Planning/Assessment/Records/Student Behaviour


Teacher/Student response tools

Apps in multiple languages



IT Support


Teacher organisational tools

Student tools

If you want to make your own assessment of how effective a particular app is in meeting certain outcomes you might like to use this Evaluation Rubricdeveloped by Kathy Schrock. It enables you to judge apps across multiple areas including effect on student motivation, user friendliness and how it incorporates the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. For details of apps that are relevant to Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences go to this page.

The Education Department of Victoria is conducting an iPad trial across all curriculum areas. This site contains practical advice and resources for using iPads for learning including classroom ideas, practitioner case studies, a list of reviewed education apps and key findings from the trial.

Click on the image (below) to go to my Pinterest board, which is a collection of additional website links related to iPad use. Alongside the Pinterest image is a capture from Richard Wells' iPad4schools blog. You may find this useful if you want to focus on the absolute basics as you start to use iPads with your classes.

If you want more inspiration about individual apps you could also check out Richard Byrne's Pinterest board

If you would like to check out even more apps go to Joyce Tabone's blog. Joyce has been using iPads for a year now and in this blog has set herself the task of reviewing an app a day.

If you need help connecting a single iPad to a data projector so that you can demonstrate items wirelessly, this article by Tony Vincent should be useful.