Pearltrees is a collaborative curation tool that allows users to collect, organise and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos and notes. It has a visual interface that allows users to drag collected URLs into units called pearls that themselves can be further organized in a hierarchical structure with pearltrees. Users of this tool can collaborate in teams on the same pearltree and they can pin pearls found on other peoples’ pearltrees to their pearltree.

New links added to user accounts and new pearltrees created by users can be broadcast via a user's Twitter and Facebook accounts (if users have enabled this feature). Users can also embed a pearltree into most content management systems such as wikis and blogs. Pearltrees has an online version and apps for iOS and Android devices.

The following Pearltree is a collection of my favourite digital tools, organised by theme. This is a work in progress so please visit it regularly!

My favourite digital tools for languages teaching and My favourite writing tools in (kristynpaul)

Cultivate your interests with Pearltrees for Android