The following images are linked to some of my Pinterest "boards". Pinterest is a web 2.0 tool that allows users to create and manage theme-based collections of web sites. The visual element of Pinterest is very appealing to users and many educators use it as a means of bookmarking and sharing educational web sites. Users can browse other people’s pinboards for relevant web sites, "re-pin" them to their own pinboards, or "like" other people’s pins. Click here to see my entire Pinterest collection.

21st century learning

The term 21st century is used a lot in education (overused?) to refer to a more student centred approach to teaching and learning. It looks at the knowledge, skills and dispositions that students need now and in the future.
Check out my Pinterest board for links to sites that focus on 21st century educating and what this means for both teachers and learners.

Flipped classrooms

This is another term that is currently used a great deal in education. Check out my Pinterest board for ideas that you can try if you are thinking of flipping your languages classroom.

Collaborative classrooms

Check out my Pinterest board for ideas that you can try if you are thinking of using Skype or creating a blog or wiki with your students.

The page element below has been created with Padlet. You can use it as I have to just curate and display web links in a visual manner but the beauty of Padlet is that users can work collaboratively on the same wall. Possible uses in the languages classroom might be to post a question "post-it note" style to the wall and your students posting up their answers or thoughts in the target language for homework. Alternatively you could post a multimedia item (YouTube video, PowerPoint Presentation etc.with again getting your students to provide feedback in the form of post-it notes. Don't worry if you don't like the background that I have selected for my wall. I admit that it is very busy but I thought the robot theme was relevant to the content of this page. There are lots of calmer backgrounds and even a cork pinboard!